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Which types of transactions do you wish to conduct via electronic banking?

Bill Pay

A free service with eChecking NOW or a Packard NOW account. With other accounts you can try it free for the first 60 days.

Electronic Statement Delivery

Please specify accounts for eStatements.

Mobile Deposit

Your mobile phone must be able to download the mobile banking application (App). We will provide you with an application and an agreement to be completed and approved before this service is available.

Swift Deposit

This service allows you to scan and deposit items from your home computer into your personal account. The service is available to PC users only (not yet available for Macs). Once you have applied and been approved, you can begin to use this service. We will provide the application and agreement.

Bank to Bank Transfer

All checking and savings accounts in your name will be setup to make transfers, both to and from the account. This service is not available for a loan account. If transferring to or from another financial institution account, please refer to their ACH transfer policies. Please notify Bath Savings if you would like one or more of your accounts restricted for use with this service. After activation you will receive a confirmation email with attached instructions.

Please use the space provided above for any comments, questions, or additional information. Thank You.

Signature: By submitting this application, I acknowledge that I have read and accepted the terms and conditions set forth in the Electronic banking disclosure, Internet Banking Agreement, Bill Payment Agreement, Swift Deposit Agreement (if enrolling in this service) and Mobile Deposit agreement (if enrolling in this service) and agree to be bound by their terms.